SEK-Qatar Grade 3

Equivalent Fractions

Follow the link below to watch a video about Equivalent Fractions.

Make sure you leave a comment. You may include something new that you learnt, something that was surprising or any questions you may have. Don’t worry if your comments don’t appear immediately, your teachers need to approve them first.

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Hungry much? 🙂

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A Fun Way To Begin The Year…

To draw a conclusion on our Unit of Inquiry on Matter, Grade 3 decided a trip to STEM explorers for a day full of experimenting and discovery. You can see from the album below there was no shortage of intrigue as we revised chemical and physical reactions, created density towers and changed states of matter. We got to observe ( from a safe distance) what happens when hot water is cooled by liquid nitrogen, can you guess what happened? 🙂

The trip was followed by the much anticipated PYP Sports Day organised by our fantastic PE Team here at SEK! Congrats to everyone for taking part and trying their very best on the day. It was great to see hard work and happy faces everywhere. One thing which we really enjoyed seeing was people winning and losing well, remembering it’s all just a bit of fun at the end of the day.

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Arts Week as we do it

Grade 3’s Arts Week performance was a roaring success. We hope you enjoyed it as much as us, it involved a lot of hard work rehearsing and getting ready. Well done to all involved, especially our Arts Team, Ms Maire and Ms Jenny. Thank you everyone!

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It’s My Learning

All Mine GIF - BugsBunny DaffyDuck LooneyTunes GIFs
Yes that’s right, it’s time to take control.
You know your username, you know your password and you know how all the websites below work.

So the question is; do you know how much power you have?
ready lets go GIF by Leroy Patterson
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We’ve been sporty lately!

Grade 3 have been working the body as hard as the mind lately. We were lucky enough to take a trip to the Aspire Dome where we took part in lots of different athletic events.

This prepared us for our own SEK Sports Day in school the following week. Thanks to our PE team we had some brilliant fun and it was a fantastic day for everyone.

We may even have discovered we are future Olympians, watch out future here we come!

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Another sunny day in Doha

What an eventful day we had in our curious little city on this day.

To start we got to the beautiful serene Katara. The sun beat down on us as students began their scavenger hunt for clues to inquiries about the cultural village. Students had to use their mapping skills, problem solving as well as their communication and team work skills.
We got really lucky when a very nice representative from Qatar Health Week introduced herself and invited our students to take part in all their healthy living related activities and games which included making our own smoothies and playing Giant Snakes and Ladders.

When we finished with the lovely Health Week volunteers they were even kind enough to give every student a gift package.

After this we headed for the Corniche where we stopped off in Sheraton Park for some lunch and some play. The weather and the day so far was almost going too perfectly. And so it seemed, it was…
As we left the park and made our way towards the Souq we were being followed.

Slowly but surely, dark scary clouds started to surround us. They rumbled. They crawled. They growled and tumbled. About thirty seconds after arriving at Souq Waqif we decided – VAMOS!

This proved to be the best decision all day as the storm clouds burst and the roads began to flood. Making our way back to school was an adventure filled with sing songs and jokes as we huddled together and made it home safely.
What a day and what an experience, one we won’t forget anytime soon!


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An Artsy Day in Doha

What a day!

Grade 3 visited the Music & Arts Atelier Doha and spent a day in the spirit of the Arts.

From piano, drumming, hip-hop dancing to painting and singing in a real life recording studio, we had one of our best days out in a long time! Thank you so much to everyone at Atelier for putting such hard work into their craft and making it a very special day for everyone, the welcome, the energy and the atmosphere was amazing!
Meli and Radi were also kind enough to give everyone a free trial for any of the classes they run so check out those forms you got and arrange another visit!!

So Grade 3’s, a small bit of reflecting for you, show your families the photos, let them know what you thought AND tell US what you think by writing a comment under the photo!

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What a year!

Wow, what a year! We have done a lot of great things this year and participated in many fun and exciting projects all while developing skills needed for next year and beyond. All Grade 3 students deserve a big round of applause for all their fantastic achievements this year.

As the school year comes to a close, it is time to think back and appreciate all the great memories we had in Grade 3. From all our field trips to various school events, we have really been busy all year long! Below is just one of the many highlights of the year.

Could you write a comment below and let us know which were the best moments of Grade 3 for you?



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Any excuse to dress up!

Book Week culminated with a wonderful display of creativity and fun as our students strutted their stuff during our school’s parade dressed up as some of their favourite characters from books of all genres. 

So much fun and laughter after a super week organised by our amazing librarian Ms. Annick, thank you so much you’re the best! 


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Temporary – Practice your moves !

Track 1 and track 2 below. Play and practice before Thursday.


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